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Who are we?

We are PhD scientists who hope to teach young students to love science as much as we do! We have worked in labs and also have taught science in elementary and middle school classrooms for years. We are eager to help make science fun and interesting for both students, and for their teachers who are the biggest science advocates in the classroom!​​

SEED supports and enhances elementary and middle school science education through innovative partnerships with teachers that elicit systemic change.

Our multifaceted approach focuses on building internal capacity by modeling NGSS-aligned, hands-on activities, coaching classroom teachers, and providing all tools and pedagogy needed for teachers to successfully and confidently teach their young scientists.

Dr. Pearl and Dr. Liz at a rewards conference
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Meet the scientists


Dr. Sandra Pearl

Dr. Pearl has been a teacher for 20+ years, working in classrooms ranging from medical schools to elementary schools, and has also been directly involved in creating, implementing and teaching elementary science curriculum for public schools in MA for the past 6 years.

She also has successfully written national and local grants supporting science research for elementary school projects.

Dr. Pearl holds a PhD from Albany Medical College in Pharmacology and Neuroscience.

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Dr. Pearl bio picture

Dr. Elizabeth Bless

Dr. Bless received a PhD in neuroscience from Boston College. She has written and been awarded government grants to fund her research and to present at national conferences. In addition to 10 years in academic research, Dr. Bless has spent five years in biotechnology.

Outside of the lab, Dr. Bless has several years of experience teaching science at the university level and five years of teaching science in the public elementary schools and at a private institution offering after-school science programming to children 8 – 12 years old.

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Dr. Pearl and Dr. Bless at a rewards ceremony

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